Configurating complete lines

Wonderful, clean packaged onions accurately delivered to your specifications for your customers. Every element within a JDC packing line is geared to meet this goal. Working together to configure these advanced packing techniques for your situation allows you to save on labour costs throughout the entire packing process. This provides added value not only for your company, but also for your customers.


Our experienced engineers and integration professionals help our customers to achieve peak performance and value from their packaging lines. JDC’s center of engineering and Manufacturing Excellence is equipped to manufacture and test sophisticated integrated onion packing systems. We use customized 3D configuration modeling in which all parts are mapped. So, from calculating the ideal situation for the configuration to specifying the parts -available online 24/7- for customers to reorder.

Project Management

Our team is dedicated to finding a solution that fulfills 100% of your packing needs. Not only do we advise on packing lines, we also engineer, configure, and install customized lines that provide an optimally functioning packing process. You save on labour and failure costs and gain on the consistently better packed units. But it doesn’t stop there! After project completion, our team also provides you with structural assistance and advice for any future change to the process.

Experience yourself

We have created an Onion Experience center where you can experience the benefits of process knowledge in real life, with your own onions! Please contact us to make an appointment.


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