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Fruit Logistica

During Fruit Logistica we will be demonstrating how a fully automated onion sorting line works. We have set up a virtual operator room in Hall 6.1, stand A-05. It allows you to experience how optical sorting works in practice from the operator’s seat.

Know what quality you can guarantee

The quality of every single onion is assessed using 20 photos per onion per second. The onions can also be sorted by colour, format and weight. The result is that you know exactly what quality you can guarantee your customer and that each onion will be sorted and/or packed precisely in accordance with your predefined specifications.

Guaranteed consistency

Many onion processors and packers enjoy the benefits offered by this system every day: guaranteed consistency in the qaulity of your onions and lower labour costs.

Discover how this system could also offer you advantages at Fruit Logistica!

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Experience yourself

We have created an Onion Experience center where you can experience the benefits of process knowledge in real life, with your own onions! Please contact us to make an appointment.


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