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Perfect sorted onions

We want to be the industry leaders in onion packing. Thinking together with our customers and applying innovations where they can provide added value for their packing process. We use 5D technology for our electronic sorting techniques. This allows us to perform 10 different measurements per onion, resulting in the best possible selection of onions. In addition to internal and external quality, the advanced sorting techniques produce a consistent stream of onions packed on the basis of size, color, or weight.

The onions are first streamlined as much as possible before entering the packing process, next they are further packaged according to individual requirements before being quickly connected with the logistical follow-up process.

Top of the line machinery

Finally, a finely tuned exhaust system ensures that the onions are cleaner, free from dust and skin, before they are packaged.

Learn about the JDC total technology for each process component and discover the difference it makes on all fronts:

Potato an Garlic packing lines

With deep roots in the agricultural sector, together the affiliated JDC manufacturers are knowledgeable about all the issues facing the agricultural packing sector. Armed with this knowledge, we can provide better advice about the advantages of the different options for garlic and potato packing lines.

Experience yourself

We have created an Onion Experience center where you can experience the benefits of process knowledge in real life, with your own onions! Please contact us to make an appointment.


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