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JDC automated packing solutions

JDC Automated Packing Solutions is a supplier of ‘total integrated solutions’ for packers and growers of onions. The definition we use with ‘solution’ is a one-stop-shopping concept with advanced technology based on European manufacturers who all contribute a calculable Return on Investment. JDC’s integrated solutions reduce labor costs. We are able to establish better quality onions by using an unique camera system (Ellips, Eindhoven, Holland).

Independent bridge

JDC functions as an independent consultant between the packager/grower and European manufacturers. We take care of the project management, distribution, engineering and installation and make it totally fit to the preferences and requirements of our customers. After the implementation of the solution we can service and maintain the entire processing line by our service department and direct supply of spare parts through our web shop.

Experience yourself

We have created an Onion Experience center where you can experience the benefits of process knowledge in real life, with your own onions! Please contact us to make an appointment.


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