• Reduce labor costs by electronic grading on internal & external quality

  • Grade yellow, white and red onions effectively on color, size & weight

JDC Automated Packing Solutions

JDC Automated Packing Solutions is a supplier of ‘total integrated solutions’ for packers and growers of onions. What we mean with ‘integrated solutions’ is a one-stop-shopping concept with advanced technology from European manufacturers who all contribute to a cost efficient production process of onions for packers and growers with a calculable Return on Investment. JDC’s integrated solutions reduce labor costs. more>

Integrated packing solutions

JDC functions as an independent consultant between the packager/grower and European manufacturers. We take care of the project management, distribution, engineering, coordination and installation and make it totally fit to the preferences and requirements of our customers.
Your advantages:

  • ROI < 5 years
  • Higher-quality onions
  • Save on labor costs

Latest news

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Optical grading for Stanley Farms

Stanley Farms (Georgia) put their new grading line into service. The fully automated line will process 40 tons onions per hour, delivered...

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Partners Produce: the only choice

For us it was an easy choice to partner with Elisam and JDC for our new sorting line. We looked at other lines and when we saw what Elisam...

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optical onion grading

NOA convention at Bland Farms

The 2016 winter event represents only the second time NOA/NARC have combined their events, so the researcher-to-stakeholder (producer)...

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    Electronic sorting

    Our state-of-the-art sorting technology is at the heart of each JDC line. Electronically sorting onions on the basis of their size, color, weight, internal and external quality requires less manual work and results in more accurate quality.


    More about advanced electronic sorting and selecting here>

    More about sorting on internal quality here>

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    Dust collection

    Extraction systems for onion husk


    More about extraction on your packing line here>

  • UIEN


    JDC provides fully automated, customized packing systems to fill bags or bins as effectively as possible on the basis of weight.


    More about integrated packing systems here>

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    Our advanced palletizing systems ensure that all bins or bags are processed automatically and according to your internal logistics system.


    More about palletizing here>